Sardinian Fregola. of Oxana Denezhkinajpg.
Sardinian Fregola. of Oxana Denezhkinajpg.


Simple recipes and strong flavors of typical Sardinian cuisine

The local specialties from the South of Sardinia are waiting for you at the restaurants and agriturismos which are scattered throughout the Pula area, offering you simple dishes with strong flavors.

Some of the most noteworthy dishes are fregula con le vongole (a Sardinian type of couscous with clams) and malloreddus alla campidanese (pasta with tomato and sausage sauce), ideally paired with a fresh white wine for the former and a robust red for the latter.

The supreme entree, here as well as elsewhere on the island, is the mouthwatering roast suckling pig, a Sardinian specialty, slowly grilled and scented with myrtle branches on which it is placed during roasting. Worth mentioning among fish-based entrees, besides grilled local fish, is burrida, based on dogfish, marinated in vinegar.