Le Margherite

Le Margherite

Le Margherite is family run. The contacts with our guests, with the agricultural production and the cuisine are taken care of by us. You will be welcomed by us. The farm covers 16 hectares. The lands are located in properties around the Farm. We grow organic method with respect to the natural fertility of the earth, then we follow the rotation of crops, with absolutely no herbicides, chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizers, instead we use organic fertilizer, pesticides “ancient” as copper, sulfur, lime, compost. Our family always takes care to cultivate and produce what we need throughout the year. Various vegetables, olives from which we obtain an oil that we grind cold, a citrus grove. We produce, canned tomatoes, fruits and vegetables. We have farm animals such as chickens, so that if we serve chicken you can be sure that they were bred by us. Everything we produce, you first need to our family and therefore you are guaranteed to eat products that are absolutely genuine. For those who like to live in the countryside, Le Margherite has a favorable position, thanks to the impressive 360 ° panorama that can be admired from all rooms. In addition, the relaxing view of the farm, with its 16 hectares, it is ideal to make you forget the stress and anxiety of modern life while you enjoy the taste of relaxation.