The philosophy of the tsunami is change, transformation, necessary to interpret the time that we live and express it in all its shades, capturing the trends. It was a disused industrial building, today thanks to architect Beppe Riboli, is a club that allows large spaces to hold thousands of people. Tsunami is divided into 3 main areas that occupy a total of 7000 square meters. Two halls of the summer zone striking for the variety of management of space, materials and colors that blend harmoniously with the music and lights expertly managed. Those who enter is hit by teak floors, the garden and by the water of the fountain in the middle and the two large windows that separate and unite the two rooms at the same time. Priveè form real living rooms designed by Philippe Starck. They are arranged around the dancefloor on various levels, allowing everyone to be at the centre of the evening. Those who prefer a more lounge space located behind the large garden with a private room and spacious characterized by white gazebo in order to not only entertain, but also relax. The scenario of the inner changes, the spaces are delineated by two long bars of crystal lights green called GREEN BAR, and blue, the BAR BLUE, like the colors of the beautiful sea of Sardinia. The perimeter of the room is divided by glass walls give continuity to the spaces and is home to more than a thousand people. Tsunami also provides a large multipurpose room designed to host events, conferences, exhibitions being equipped with all the amenities. It covers an area of 650 square meters and contains between 400 and 600 seats. Tsunami has its own car park (20,000 sqm) to offer its guests the comfort and tranquility.


  • Tsunami Club
  • SS. 195,00 Km 33,00, S.Margherita di Pula, 09010 Pula
  • Tel +39¬†347 1681588

Weekly closure